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With approximately 9 million active speakers in Sweden and some parts of Finland, Swedish is a north Germanic language that is mutually intelligible with Danish and Norwegian.
Have something that you want to get a Swedish translation for or vice versa? AZ Translator is the best place where you can get all your legal document translation done on time with a very attractive price. Our team of native Swedish translators ensures that there won’t be any possible errors that might spoil all of your assignment leaving you quite depressed.

To avoid errors and omissions, we employ a very stringent testing process delivering only quality work and there’s no chance for any mistake. Whether it’s a lengthy transcription or a single paragraph, we do it all with the highest level of care and responsibility.

The following are the most common legal document translation we translate - tender documents, legal contracts, technical manuals, business letter, website content, medical records, immigration documents, police certificates, driver license, birth certificates, marriage certificates and many others.

Our priority is to deliver quality work with quick turnaround time and take every assignment quite seriously, no matter how big or small it is. People contact us for all of their translation needs because they know they can’t get any better than this. Our consistency and affordable rates are the factors compelling others to avail our services.

We have been providing certified legal document translation services for a very long time. Our areas of expertise include but are not limited to – insurance, business, law, advertising, science, technology, education, software, government, literature and many others.
Our customer care staff is very responsive in replying back to your queries. However, one may face a little delay due to a heavy load on the system, but it’s a very rare case.

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