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Terms and Conditions

Welcome to Azadi Translation!
Azadi Translation provides its services through its website with the major services including 1- immigration info and products 2- an automatic software to help fill out particular U.S. Immigrations Forms based on the directions and information you provide 3- translation services to mediate between service providers and service buyers via internet. We have a right to modify or change any portion of our terms and condition page at any time. We’ll post the new adjustments on this page with the date when the page was last updated. If you don’t agree with the new changes, you may quit using our services at any time. We will also make you aware of the new changes through email notifications, services user interface or through other reputable means.
Anyone may find trouble while filling out U.S. Immigration Forms as it’s not as simple as you think. Our website employs a special automated software that makes it easy for you to fill out U.S. Immigration Forms by yourself based on the directions and information you provide. We do not hold any government post or have links with the United States Government. Our aim is to guide you through the whole procedure based on your preferred instructions. We are not any law firm and neither offer legal services or advice. If your situation is complex or different which requires legal advice, you probably need to consult this with any experienced lawyer.
By purchasing our services or using the website, you acknowledge that;

  • Azadi Translation Service isn’t representing me in any sort of legal matter
  • No Attorney-Client privilege or relationship is made between me and Azadi Translation or its staff
  • No Government Agency has endorsed, evaluated or approved or its services
  • I’ve been fully informed of the limits and nature of Azadi Translation Service and the Cost of the Service

Age Restrictions

Use of the services is highly prohibited to those who are under 13 or minors. If you try to dodge us by representing wrong age or info, your contract with us will be cancelled immediately. By availing our Services, you guarantee and confirm that you meet the required age and criteria.

Access to the Website and Services

We have a right to deny or terminate your Access to our Website or Services at any time in our sole and absolute discretion. We allow you a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable, revocable license to use our services and access the website for your own particular use, and not to modify or download it. After the denial of access or any termination by us, you aren’t supposed to access our Website or use the Services any more. Breaching our terms and conditions will result in the Automatic Termination without having to notify you.


Prices mentioned on our Website are the fees we charge for our Services. Other additional filling and processing fees may be added and are payable to the U.S. Department of State or to the U.S. Immigration and Citizenship Services. The prices posted here are free of any additional government fees which you could pay at the time of submitting application.

Restrictions on the Use of Website

You are not supposed to:

  • Make commercial use or any resale of the Website or its Content
  • Use any robots, data mining, or similar data extraction and gathering tactics within the website
  • Make any derived or imitative use of the Website or its Content
  • Reproduce, copy, upload, post, republish, distribute, or transmit any way any content or services of the website unless we allow such actions
  • Utilize, frame or use framing techniques encircle any logo, trademark or other copyrighted info including the design and layout of the Website
  • Employ any hidden text or any other meta tags using the similar or same trademark and product name without our written consent
  • Remove any trademark, copyright and other patented information of the Website
  • Use any portion of our services and website for any illegal purpose
  • Take any step or action that may impose (in our sole and absolute discretion) a very heavy load on our servers

Registering for an Account

You may view or browse the Website without registering but will need an account if you want to use certain features or services of the Website. Register with us by creating an account with valid email address and password. The information you provide must be complete and accurate as the wrong or invalid information could result in the quick termination of your account. Don’t (1) employ the email or name of other person in order to personate that person (2) use email address or name of other person without any approval or (3) use an email address or name that is offensive, illegal, obscene or vulgar. We may deny your access to our Website, cancel your User ID or refuse registration in our sole and absolute discretion. You’re solely accountable for all the actions and activities carried out using your ID or account. Don’t use other person’s account without her/his written consent. You should notify us about the illegal use or strange behavior of your account. You may not resell or transfer your account or access to Our Website. We aren’t responsible for any harm or damage caused by misappropriation, theft or revelation of your ID.

Refund Policy

All the Returns will be calculated based on the real purchase-price paid at the time of buying or purchasing. Returns for the debit and credit card transactions are delivered within two working days. However, it could take up to five working days to post credit to your bank account or your credit card.
o Physically Shipped Products & Media
If you decide to cancel your order prior to shipping, we’ll refund the entire amount paid at the time of purchasing. But we won’t allow a refund when the product is shipped and delivered. If the product is different from what you had ordered or is defective upon receiving, we’ll replace it with no additional charges.
o Downloaded Products
All the downloadable products that are 100% or successfully downloaded by our users are non-refundable.
o Online Form-completion Service
If you’re requesting or looking for a refund of the services purchased from our Website, you should make it within 90 days after the purchasing time. If you ask for a refund before completing or clicking either the ‘’Print’’, ‘’Submit’’, or ‘’Print’’ button, we’ll refund the full amount you spent to use our services.
We aren’t responsible for any refund caused by technical problems or issues with your computer such as printer malfunction, poor internet connectivity and other possible problems.

Enforcement of Terms

We have a right to investigate any reported breach and violation of our terms and conditions and can take any stringent action anytime in our sole and absolute discretion. We aren’t responsible to you or any other third party for any cessation of your Access to our Website. You acknowledge not using our Services and Website after the said termination.
We also have a right to report any action or activity that we think violates our privacy policy, any law, terms and conditions and any rule of appropriate law enforcement authorities and offices.

Miscellaneous Terms

The aforementioned terms establish an agreement between you and –Azadi Translation. The terms don’t limit any proprietary rights that –company name- may have under copyright, patent, trade secret or other laws. Azadi Translation service’s staff or employees aren’t supposed to modify or change the Terms or add any further commitments, representations, or warranties, except the written permission from Azadi Translation service’s higher authorities. If any Provision of These Terms is found to be unacceptable or invalid, you acknowledge that the other Provisions of Terms remain in full effect and force.