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Privacy Policy

Azadi Translation Service knows very well how important is your privacy and respects each user’s privacy. We have come up with this Privacy Policy in order to let you know what sort of information accumulated from your stay or visit to and how this information could be used by us. Please review this Policy Page and contact us with anything confusing in your mind.
Our website is expected to be used by the individuals in USA and we obey all the privacy laws that are effective in the United States of America and don’t comply with the Privacy Laws of Other Nations.

What Types of Information We Collect?

We’ll use and collect personally identifiable info about you in different ways like (i) replaying back to your request for the Services or Products offered through our website, and (ii) informing you about Services and Products, and other Attractive Opportunities we think you would like going with.

  • Personally Identifiable Info

Normally, no personally identifiable info is robotically collected from your stay or visit to our Website. It includes (1) your full name (both first and last), (2) your physical address, town and city name, street name, (3) email address, (4) phone number, (5) social security number, (6) other identifiable information (7) information gathered from your stay or visit to our Website. By availing our services and purchasing products from our website, you are allowing us to use your personal information. If there’s something that you want to change or correct from your personally identifiable info, you could easily do this by editing your profile. We have a right to get your personal information from other sources in link with other information that we may acquire.

  • Non-personally Identifiable Info

This particular type of information includes but is not limited to (1) the browser you’re using, (2) the type of operating system, and (3) your IP address. This non-personally identifiable information could be used to improve your online experience, help diagnose the server issues and to manage our Website. We’ll also gather particular information originating from your use of our Website like web beacons and cookies. We may also increase the Data gathered from Other Sources including interest reports, demographics and Google Analytics’ user ID tracking features. Other information that we may collect includes (i) your age, (ii) gender, (iii) parental status, or (iv) interest categories.

  • Other Financial Info

When you purchase any service or products from our Website, you’ll need to provide us with your financial information such as shipping and credit card information. Billing address, expiration date of your credit card and credit card numbers are the type of information we use to charge you for our services and products. This information isn’t supposed to be used for other purposes but for billing.
If you want to update or make corrections to your personally identifiable info such as phone number, your email address, mailing address, password reminder or credit card information, you could go to edit your profile easily. We have a right to collect your information from Other Sources and Store it in link with other offline or online information we can obtain about you. Personally-identifiable information that we get and use might be obtained from different sources such as billing information, registration information, information you provide to us through our communications, information that you use to access password and information you give us in other interactions with our Website.
We may use and share your user information including personally identifiable info with affiliated & non-affiliated 3rd parties, including but not limited to;

  • Vendors

We may use and reveal user information to any non-affiliated 3rd party company providing services to us, like distribution, marketing, advertising, or who provide services or goods that you might be interested in. when you provide to us with any user information, you are consenting to receive emails, telephone calls, direct mail or text messages from us either using our website name or services.

  • Special Offers

We may use or disclose your provided user information to any affiliated companies for advertising purposes and to increase our services and products. We could extend selective special offers of services or goods to you.

  • Website’s E-commerce Providers

When you provide your personally identifiable info to one of our website’s e-commerce providers, advertisers, or vendors, this transaction or deal will happen on the Site of applicable E-commerce providers, advertisers or vendors, not on our site. Intrinsically, the personally identifiable information you provide is controlled and collected under the Privacy Policy of that E-commerce Provider, Advertiser or Vendor. We aren’t liable for Such Parties’ Privacy Policy. We always encourage you to give a brief look at the Privacy Policy of any website with which you want to transact business.

  • As Permitted by Law

We may use or share your personally identifiable information with any non-affiliated 3rd parties because this is allowable by law.

  • Transferability

We may use or transfer your user information and other personal data with other businesses controlled by us. Your personally identifiable information or other user information could be transferred whenever we decide to sell our company or to merge with any other business.

  • Collaboration with Local Administration, Government Agencies or Court Order

We may collaborate with local administration or any other law enforcing authorities for user information and other important documents. We reserve a right to disclose all the info we collected about you including user information, personally identifiable information without having to inform you.

  • Bankruptcy

If we declare bankruptcy, reorganization, insolvency, receivership, we are not responsible that how your personally identifiable information or user information is treated, used or transferred. If this happens, all of your personally identifiable and user information could be used or treated like other asset, transferred, sold or shared with 3rd parties, or used in a way that is not permitted or contemplated under this privacy policy without your consent or notice to you.
Furthermore, we may also disclose your personally identifiable information in different scenario or situation when we think disclosing your information is highly needed such as (i) to contact, identify or take legal action against somebody who might be interfering or breaching our terms and conditions, or misusing our services or the property of any other person, (ii) by Operation of Law.
Unluckily, when you provide us with your information or any other Website over the Internet, your personal information could travel over lots of different systems and networks which aren’t controlled by us. We strived to keep you protected during your stay or visit to our Website but we can’t warrant or ensure the security of the Information you convey to us as you are doing it at your own risk.

Age Limit

Our Website and Services are available for those who are eligible of availing our services. The age required to access our Website and Services is 18 years. Persons who are under this age don’t have right to avail any of our services in any way. We don’t receive or keep personally identifiable information from persons who are under 18. If we inadvertently receive such information, we will delete or remove such info from our systems and records. If someone is under 18, he/she must not use or avail our services and products, including providing us with any Personal Information.


In order to offer you a great using experience, we could select different 3rd parties Websites to link from, link to, and frame within the Website. We could also contribute in cobranding and other relations to offer E-commerce and other features and services to its users. We have no control on any third party website that is affiliated with us as every website has its own privacy policy and terms and conditions. We have no liability and responsibility for such actions and independent policies, and aren’t accountable for the Privacy Practices or Content of any other websites. If you visit any other websites that are affiliated with us, you are allowing them to use your personally identifiable information. Remember that these third party websites are only for our visitor’s convenience. We are not involved in other websites’ privacy policy and you access them at your own risk.

Notice of Changes

We can modify or do changes to our Privacy Policy anytime we like. We’ll post these changes on our Website in order to make you aware of it. The latest version of Privacy Policy will apply each time you visit or use our Website or Services. All the changes and modifications to our privacy policy will be updated on this Page. We will notify you when we decide to use your personally identifiable information in a different way that was not mentioned at the time when you accessed or purchased our services. If you are not willing the way we’re using your personally identifiable information, you may quit using our services any time you like. If we add anything new to this page, we will notify you through email, text messages or other reputable means.