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Korean Translation Services - AZ Translation Services in Houston


AZ Translation provides a full range of Korean translation services to companies worldwide. We are a multi-sector Korean translation specialist and has particular expertise in the following fields:

* Legal translation
* Financial translation
* Technical translation
* Medical translation

We assign every translation to the most appropriate specialized team of highly qualified Korean translators, proofreaders and editors, thereby ensuring a consistently excellent quality of Korean translation in each of these areas.

Combined with our use of translation technology and our extraordinary flexibility as regards client needs, this results in the professional and reliable Korean translation service that our regular customers expect and value.

Highly Accredited Korean Translators

AZ Translation has achieved the rare distinction amongst translation companies. Our customers can therefore rest completely assured of the consistently excellent quality of our Korean translations.

Korean Translations can be certified, notarised and legalised to meet your exact requirements.

English to Korean Translation Services

We only use experienced, native Korean translators for all our English-Korean translation assignments. They are capable of translating in a number of Korean dialects (Seoul, P’yŏngan, Gyeonggi, etc.), all of whom specialise in a number of different areas of translation to give the best possible results for our customers. We then make sure the formatting is correct, which is particularly important for Korean, providing a final Korean translation of excellent quality.

Korean is an important world language, ranked 14th in terms of native speakers, of which there are some 71 million people in both North and South Korean and in some places in neighboring China. Worldwide, the figure is closer to 80 million speakers.

Korean to English Translation

Irrespective of whether your Korean-English translation assignment is highly complex and technical or rather basic in style and content, AZ Translation always has experienced translators on hand to deliver, with expertise in a number of areas, from technical computer jargon to legal terminology.







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