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academic document translation

Get all your transcript and college certification translated in English fast and easy By a Certified Translation Agency. ATA approved translation agency.

Whether you want to translate a single paragraph or some of your important documents, AZ Translation service delivers the quality work with reasonable price. We have a team of highly qualified professionals that ensure you get your work done with a quick turnaround time. We translate everything from academic transcripts and diplomas to business documents all at amazing price.

Our Academic Document Translation services are ideal for students wanting to participate in Study Abroad Programs. Four-year universities, independent schools and many colleges across the U.S. receive loads of applications from International Students. These applicants are asked to submit their applications in English version with all the education they’ve attended in their Home Country. Students contact us for the translation of their academic documents as they know we deliver quality translation services with affordable rates.

Best Translation Agency in Houston

Our team of highly skilled translators, editors, interpreters and proofreaders are dedicated to deliver outstanding translation services. Once you’ve used our services, you’ll learn why AZ Translation is the most trusted brand in the Translation Industry. We have vast experience in the translation of different documents with field areas including, technology, law, medicine, business, immigration and education.

We provide complete assistance to the students participating in study abroad programs, helping them accomplish their goals and reams of studying in the U.S.A. Without the Certified Translation of their academic documents and records, they couldn’t meet the requirements of U.S universities and colleges.

Our services are also perfect for the students living in the United States and want to spend a year or a semester in a Non-English Speaking Country. Apart from Academic Documents, we offer a complete translation service for all documents including bank statements, birth certificate translation, business plans, marriage license, divorce decrees, wills, police clearance forms, business license, medical bills, research papers, DNA exams, deeds and letters of recommendation.