US Citizenship Application

U.S. citizenship grants a person as many rights as the United States has to offer; thus, it is not easy to obtain U.S citizenship. Some of these rights include:
  • The right to vote
  • Petition for family members to live abroad and immigrate without losing the right to return.

The Eligibility Criteria For 

The process to become a U.S. citizen is known as naturalization. For this procedure, it is a must to have permanent residence (a green card) and then you have to meet other requirements that are given below.
So, if you want to apply for U.S. citizenship, first ensure that you pass through the eligibility criteria.
  • You should possess a good moral character
  • You have continuously lived in the U.S. for the five years prior to your application, and during that time you never went outside the United States for more than one year
  • Before filing your application, you were present in the U.S. physically for at least half of the five years.
  • For at least three months you have lived in the district or state where you are now filing your citizenship application
  • You are not less than 18 years old
  • You are able to write, speak and read in English (with exceptions for people with specific medical disabilities and people over a particular age who are long-term residents)
  • You are able to pass the test covering government and the history of the U.S. (with exceptions for people with specific medical disabilities)
  • You agree to swear that you believe in the U.S principles and constitution and will be always loyal to the United States (with exceptions and modifications in specific circumstances).

Review Of Your Complete Immigration History By USCIS

The USCIS will thoroughly investigate your background. In case, it discovers anything wrong—such as, you have done fraud to obtain your green card or have abandoned your residency, then it will send you out of the country by stripping you of your green card.

The Application Process

To get permanent U.S citizenship, you are required to complete a citizenship application Form N-400 on USCIS. This form will be sent with the appropriate fee, required photos and documents and a copy of your green card.
After you are done with filing your citizenship application, you have to wait for several months, depending on your local USCIS office. This process will take place in two steps. First of all, you will be asked to come for a fingerprint appointment, and afterwards for an interview appointment.

Fee For Filing U.S Citizenship Application

The total cost of filing U.S citizenship application is $ 680, which includes the $ 85 fee for biometrics and a $ 595 filing fee. The fees for filing U.S citizenship application must be paid along with the Form n-400. You can pay this fee together in one money order or check. You can get access to all the forms required to send for processing to the USCIS through our website. This also includes personalized guides and filling instructions that will guide on how to properly file your application. We are offering this complete process in a very reasonable fee, i.e $ 100.00 for the complete package. Our dedicated staff, personalized instructions, phone as well as email support, throughout guidance and professional templates for detailed information will guide you for making your U.S citizenship application process easy.