Petition To Remove Conditions

If you have obtained your U.S. residency on the basis of marrying a U.S. citizen, but you were given conditional instead of permanent residence due to the recency of marriage, then you have to fill out form I-751 (Petition to remove conditions)and submit USCIS in order to receive permanent residency.

                                   General Instructions For Filling Form I-751                                                                         

  • You can easily fill this form on your computer, and that’s the best way to do it. But, if you want to fill it in by hand, then use black ink. Make sure that signatures must be done by hand. Do not use a stamp and type your name where it asks for a signature.
  • There are questions in the form that doesn’t apply to you. You can simply tick the box ‘N/A’ for such questions. If your answer to a question is in zero, such as “How many kids do you have”, just type ‘None,’ instead of typing a zero.
  • The last page of the form has additional space in which you are allowed to add information that won’t fit in the space given elsewhere on the form. In case, you need even more space, then write or type the information on a new piece of paper and then you can attach AT the end of the form.
  • On every additional sheet, it is necessary to type Alien Registration number and your name at the top. Beside this, date and sign each additional page at the bottom. Also, indicate the form’s page and part number, as well as item number to which the information refers.
  • In Part 1, Question 9 asks for your ELIS account number. Remember, this is not the number of your Alien Registration. In fact, it is number that you were given if you ever filed a request, application, or petition using the USCIS ELIS (Electronic Immigration System).
  • The Question no. 12 asks for the “place” of marriage. This means country (if outside the U.S.) and state(if in the U.S.). It is not referring to any other location or the type of building in which the event had taken place.

Checklist To File Joint Petition for Removing Conditions on Residence

Following is the list of items you will require to assemble for your joint petition for removing the conditions on your residence and permanently become a U.S. resident:
  • Form I-751.
  • Some supporting documents, which includes a copy of your existing green card (both the back and the front sides)
  • Evidence proving your marital relationship for the last two years
  • Copies of kids birth certificates
  • Copies of mortgages or leases
  • Copies of bills or utility statements, credit card and joint bank

Fee For Filing Petition To Remove Conditions

The total cost of filing petition to remove conditions is $ 590, which includes the $ 85 fee for biometrics and a $ 505 filing fee.However, fees are subject to change by the USCIS. The fees for filing petition to remove conditions must be paid along with the Form I-751. You can pay this fee together in one money order or check. You can get access to all the forms required to send for processing to the USCIS through our website. This also includes personalized guides and filling instructions that will guide on how to properly file your application. We are offering this complete process in a very reasonable fee, i.e $ 100 for the complete package. Our dedicated staff, personalized instructions, phone as well as email support, throughout guidance and professional templates for detailed information will guide you for making your petition to remove conditions process easy.