Lost or stolen Green Card

As soon as you receive your green card from the government of the United States, it’s highly recommended that you should make at least keep one copy with yourself. As a foreign citizen visiting the United States, it is your core responsibility to possess the documentation that shows your legal right to be living within the country.
In case, you lost or misplaced your green card, or if it got stolen from you, then you need to file lost or stolen green card form I-90 for replacing your green card.

Filing an application to Replace Green Card                                   

First of all, you need to file a police report and then you can start the process of applying for a replacement green card. There are 2 ways to submit your I-90 application:
  • You can simply file a hard copy through the mail.
  • You can file online.
For this procedure, you are required to include the following information in your application:
  • General information about yourself (alien registration number, name, address, gender)
  • Evidence of your stolen or lost green card
  • Biometric information
  • The application fee ($ 450, which includes the $ 85 fee for biometrics and a $ 365 filing fee)
  • Copies of legal identification card, such as your original green card

Application Processing

When you are done with the submission of your application, your request will be reviewed. You may be required to provide additional information (such as additional interviewing, biometrics, original copies) in order to get approval for your application. When your application gets approved, your new green card will be sent to you via an email. In case, it gets denied, you will get informed about the reason for denial through an email.
If your application gets rejected, you are not allowed to appeal the decision. However, you can, submit a motion to reconsider or reopen your case. We will help you in the preparation of Form I-90 by providing step-by-step guidelines to avoid costly delays and save you time.

Fee For Filing Lost or Stolen Green Card Application

  • The total cost of filing Lost or Stolen Green Card Application is $ 450, which includes the $ 85 fee for biometrics and a $ 365 filing fee. However, fees are subject to change by the USCIS. The fees for filing Lost or Stolen Green Card form must be paid along with the Form I-90. You can pay this fee together in one money order or check.
  • You can get access to all the forms required to send for processing to the USCIS through our website. This also includes personalized guides and filling instructions that will guide on how to properly file your application. We are offering this complete process in a very reasonable fee, i.e $ 100 for the complete package.
Our dedicated staff, personalized instructions, phone as well as email support, throughout guidance and professional templates for detailed information will guide you for making your petition to remove conditions process easy.