Certificate of Citizenship

The N-600 form is an application to get the Certification of Citizenship from the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). The following individuals can apply for the N-600 form:
  • An individual who is seeking U.S citizenship by the action of law
  • An individual who has U.S parentage but was born outside the United States can claim for U.S citizenship based on one or both the parents’ citizenship
  • An adopted non-citizen child of a U.S citizen can also claim for citizenship by applying the N-600 form
Getting U.S citizenship based on the parentage may sound an easy idea at the beginning, but you have to go through a certain process and it does not happen overnight. USCIS is very busy with applications and the agency takes time in taking the decision. However, once you get the citizenship you can get a number of rights, benefits and privileges, some of which are:
  • You will get your right to vote as a U.S citizen
  •  You will be able to enjoy the benefits of federal employment
  • By becoming a U.S citizen, you will be able to hold a number of public offices
  • You will be able to travel outside the United States with very less restrictions and time period limitations. This is where the U.S citizens are a lot more privileged than the green card holders (permanent residents)
  • You can enjoy the privileges of the U.S tax laws
  • You cannot be deported from the country
  • You can sponsor your family members for the green card
  • You can get your U.S passport
  • You can become eligible for scholarships and free money
There are a certain number of conditions under which the submission of the form N-600 for a person born outside the U.S becomes applicable. The most important condition is that at least one of the two parents of the individual has to be a U.S citizen, either by birth or by naturalization. It has to be made surely that the individual typically resides with their U.S citizen parent under legal conditions. It is necessary to prove that the applicant entered the United States for the permanent residence lawfully. The age of the applicant has to be below 18 years. The individual has to be the biological child or it has to be proved that they were under the custody of their legitimating parents before the sixteenth birthday of the applicant.

Top Reasons for Citizenship Denial:             

Citizenship is the highest privilege that an immigrant person can get under the United States laws of immigration. People from abroad spend their entire lives working to get the citizenship status. Thus, a certain number of requirements have to be met in order to be eligible for the U.S citizenship. The basic reason for the denial of U.S citizenship is the failure to meet some basic criteria. These criteria are listed below:
  • It is necessary for the applicant to be able to read, write, and speak the English language.
  • The applicant has to pass a basic test based on the history and government of the United States
  • The applicant has to prove that he was present in the U.S for at least half of the required years of permanent residence time
  • Long periods of trips abroad on frequent basis can become a hurdle in acceptance of your application
  • It has to be legally proved that the individual was a permanent resident having green cards for at least a period of five years (fewer in some cases)
  • The applicant has to live in the same state for three months before applying to the USCIS office of the respective state or the district
  • The individual has to be verified as a good moral citizen in the years of his stay in the U.S
  • Any U.S citizen has to assure his loyalty to the country and has to be ready to serve in military if needed
By being mindful of these certain aspects, our service providers will help you to apply for you N-600 form in the correct way. The application process will charge $189.99. Our team has years of experience in this regard and are ready to help you get your citizenship without facing any hurdles.