B2 Tourist visa application

The USA Visitor Visa is actually a tourist visa to visit the United States. This visitor visa is also known as B2 Visa. This is a non-immigrant visa that is issued to people who want to enter US temporarily for medical treatment, pleasure or tourism. Any foreign citizen, such as parents who wants to visit USA for medical treatment, for visiting children, relatives, friends, family, for tourism, attending special family functions, events, ceremonies may qualify and can apply for B2 Tourist visa. The tourist visa can be issued in both multiple entry formats as well as single format. This visa may also be issued on an indefinite basis for a limited time frame.

Advantages of B-2 Tourist Visa                 

  • Change of Status: In case, your intentions change after entering U.S as a result of post-admission circumstances, then with the use of B-2 tourist visa, it is possible to seek a change of status to other non-immigrant classifications
  • No Sponsor Required: There is no need of a U.S sponsor and any foreign person is allowed to file an application for a B-2 tourist visa.
  • Ease of Application: The B- visa application can be filed at the United States consulate directly and typically a decision is made on a short term or an immediate basis.

B-2 Tourist Visa Requirements

  • Financial Capability: B2 visa can only be issued to applicants who can prove the financial resources that would provide accommodation for round trip travel to and from the US.
  • Non-Immigrant Intent: The foreign national must satisfy the consular officer that he will return abroad upon the completion of his temporary visit for pleasure and will not engage in unauthorized employment in the United States.
  • Valid Passport: The visa is issued by placement within a valid passport.

Documents Required When Applying For Your Tourist Visa

The documentation required to be submitted with the B-2 application should include the following documents:
  • Lease or ownership documents for the residence of alien in the home country;
  • Evidence of activities, work or studies to be resumed upon the return of alien to the home country;
  • A round-trip ticket;
  • Proof of family members who were left behind in the home country;
  • Proof of other holdings or businesses in the home country;
  • A travel itinerary;
  • Documentation of the visit’s temporariness;
  • Proof that the alien will be again admitted to their home country as soon as the trip ends
  • A letter from relatives, friends or others in the US inviting the alien and specific the purpose and length of the stay.
  • Other documents, such as bank records for showing money on hand that proofs the ability of alien to afford the trip.

Fee For Filing B2 Tourist Visa Application

The total cost of filing B2 Tourist visa application is $ 375, which includes the $ 85 fee for biometrics and a $ 290 filing fee. The fees for filing Tourist visa application must be paid along with the B2-form. You can pay this fee together in one money order or check. You can get access to all the forms required to send for processing to the USCIS through our website. This also includes personalized guides and filling instructions that will guide on how to properly file your application. We are offering this complete process in a very reasonable fee i.e. $ 65 for the complete package. Our dedicated staff, personalized instructions, phone as well as email support, throughout guidance and professional templates for detailed information will guide you for making your B2 tourist visa process easy.