Affidavit Of Support

If you have welcomed a foreign relative or a friend to visit you in the United States, then one of the major issues to address is whether that person will be able to prove to the U.S. consular officer that she or he can afford the trip. In case the person will have trouble proving the ability to cover the different expenses involved, then you have to provide him with a USCIS Affidavit of Support (Form I-134). By signing an I-134, you basically agree to support a foreign visitor financially during her or his stay in the United States. The form I-134 must be submitted along with the application of visitor’s visa when the trip is sponsored.

Eligibility to Fill Out Form I-134 

The person who will sign the form requires either to be a green card holder (lawful permanent resident) or a U.S. citizen. The signer will be asked to prove that in the federal Poverty Guidelines, his income is at least 100% of the sums listed each family size and 125 percent when sponsoring someone for permanent residence (an immigrant visa).

General Tips to Fill Out Form I-134

  • Must fill the form neatly.
  • Must provide correct and accurate information.
  • Make a photocopy for your record.

What Documents To Include With Form I-134

  • The sponsor must attach proof of the claimed assets or income, including:
  • List of bonds, with denominations and serial numbers.
  • A letter from a bank providing detail that when the account was opened, what is the current balance and how much was deposited over the past year
  • The person’s job, the salary, when it began, and whether it’s a temporary or permanent position, all this information should be stated on the business letterhead of the employer letter.
  • Copy of latest income tax return, whereas self-employed sponsors must show a report of commercial rating concern.
  • Other documents, for example, appraisals, such as real estate. However, the consulate may not ask for these documents for a short-term visa.
  • You must also attach a copy of the document that proves the immigration status of the person who is signing the Form I-134. For example, a copy of green card, naturalization certificate or a U.S. passport.

Fee For Filing Affidavit of Support Application

The USCIS does not charge any fee on filing Affidavit of Support application. You can get access to all the forms required to send for processing to the USCIS through our website. This also includes personalized guides and filling instructions that will guide on how to properly file your application. We are offering the complete process of filing the Affidavit of Support application in a very reasonable fee i.e $ 145 for the complete package. Our dedicated staff, personalized instructions, phone as well as email support, throughout guidance and professional templates for detailed information will guide you for making your Affidavit of Support process easy.

Risks You May Have To Face While Submitting Form I-134

As soon as you complete and sign Affidavit of Support Form, you are basically assuring the U.S. government that the person whom you are sponsoring will never apply for public assistance, for example, food stamps, TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families), SSI (Supplemental Security Income) or any other benefit subsidized by the government. However, if your immigrant visitor does eventually apply and received public assistance, then the responsible agency of government can take your assets or income into consideration when deciding whether to give the benefits. Moreover, the government can even sue you to recover the expenses of providing public assistance to your relative.